Nitin More
Director – Projects, Cognizant, New Jersey, USA.

I was looking for properties as an investment in and around Pune for almost 5-6 years. A few properties were good but no papers with owners, some had serious documentation issues, some we did not like and the issues list goes on and on.

Then I got to know about The GMT group & their subsidary, Prime Lake Properties, through internet. I had several fruitful discussions with the people at GMT and finally bought a nice scenic property along Panshet Lake.

Then had an opportunity to go for one more investment in the same area in less than 2 months. Some of the key factors to these transactions were proper documentation, transparent views and helping nature to make this deal work. I then recommended GMT to my close relatives & friends and they as well had a pleasant experience with GMT. I will definitely recommend serious buyers to work with GMT group to have hassle free buying / selling transactions.

Medha Joseph
Home Maker, Hyderabad.

Though I am originally from Pune, currently I am based out of Hyderabad. Thanks to Team GMT for making it possible for me to buy agricultural farm land near Panshet sitting here in Hyderabad.

Their knowledge about land properties and professional approach ensures that the title of the land parcels are clear and paperwork becomes hassle free. I specially want to appreciate their effort in providing various options that suit you, to the actual buying process and all the support thereafter.

This reliability is hard to find when it comes to buying land and The GMT Group is one trusted partner you can count on. Thanks to the entire team at GMT - Prime Lake.

Chetan Jadhav
Director, Juniper Networks India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.

Owning nice agricultural properties and beautiful farmhouse is something I had always aspired for many reasons.I was referred to the GMT Group by a friend of mine who was their earlier client. From very first interaction with Team GMT, I experienced both professionalism and personal warmth in their treatment of clients.

Everything from project details, site visit, documents, clarity in payments etc. was shared with enthusiasm and transparency. I liked one beautiful plot within Prime Nirzar and went ahead with the same.

Team GMT ensured the transaction was completed as per original plan with due diligence while continuously ensuring very warm and friendly treatment.I highly recommend other prospective clients to extend their patronage to GMT Group and wish good luck to the team for more business success.

Abdul Waheed Shaikh Poonawala
Director, Hind Foods, Pune.

When Investing in Land, reliability and transparency are of utmost importance. Being a Second Generation investor with GMT Group, the Trust factor was always there. My Dad had earlier purchased Land Parcels from GMT – Prime Lake.

I had seen the entire process first hand and admired the thorough professionalism and clarity in Paper Work of TEAM GMT. So when I thought of land as investment, GMT was an automatic choice.

I shortlisted and purchased a beautiful plot along Panshet Backwaters and my experience in the process was again a very pleasant one. Even my sister and Brother-in-Law went ahead with an investment for themselves.

The friendly treatment and warmth, gives you a feeling of being part of GMT FAMILY, and reassures you that you have not only invested wisely, but also with right people and securely.

Pavita Hegade
Founder Director, Unosys Solutions Pvt Ltd, Pune.

Having a second home at a beautiful picturesque location is every young person's inner desire and I am no different. But initially buying a plot or land seemed such a difficult task. Especially the paperwork. You always have these jitters that prevent you from realizing your dreams.

Then I met people at GMT and it's subsidiary Prime Lake. There was this instant jelling. My first purchase was just an investment. I shortlisted a plot within Prime Vanarai Ph2.

Clear paper work, clean title, transparent transaction, thorough documentation, it was really amazing to find that, if you meet right people, purchasing land can be such a hassle free affair. Then within a few years time I had the opportunity to go for one more.

This time I purchased a Developed Plot within Misty Greens. I can now say that I am not just a proud owner of two beautiful properties, but in the process, I have also managed to make really good friends.